MSforward Community and Introduction



  • SAT. OCT 21, 2017 – CANDO JUMPSTART program.  An all day event at MSforward.

Registration is now OPEN! Omaha CANDO JUMPSTART Program – Sat. Oct. 21, 2017

Maximum slots available:  120
Session fills up fast – first come first served!!  

It’ll be a jam-packed and educational day.  Join us!



  • MSforward Tele-Fitness!  (View the following video link)

MSforward Community Gym

Hello to all our new friends in California, Kansas City, Florida, Washington, Boston and Omaha for participating in our MSforward Tele-Fitness program! We love the work YOU are doing with us!

MSforward Tele-Fitness is the new addition of the online streaming live broadcast service of MSForward. Our goal is to utilize technology which allows internet access to MSforward’s structured fitness programs, educational seminars, special events, and selected monthly meetings to home-bound clients or rural communities when direct gym access is not available. Please call 402-330-6292 or email powerforward8802@gmail.com if you have specific questions and keep checking back here for the latest information.

  • MSforward’s Our Studies‘.  Many recent publications talk about the correlations between MS and Exercise.  MSforward has successfully completed 3 studies, with 1 winning the 2010 Robert M. Herndon Award.  View Our Studies page for detailed information and see why Daryl’s mission – Let’s Tell The World – is his passion to help everyone through exercise.


MSforward offers exercises for Multiple Sclerosis and other Neurological conditions using the latest exercise techniques.  Exercise sessions are supervised and conducted by a Certified Personal Trainer.

Daryl Kucera, the founder and owner of FastForward, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001.  He can personally attest to the need for physical fitness to combat the potentially damaging effects of the condition. (see Our Story)

MSforward is:
•A division of FastForward
•Dedicated to a community of health and wellness
•Inspiring people to live an active life and celebrate their abilities

Benefits of Exercise Energy
Laughter          Mental Clarity          Weight Control          Less Stress         Community

Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis
Exercise, once thought as counter-productive to the treatment of MS, has proven to be a vastly effective therapy to combat the potentially damaging effects of the disease.