Mission Statement / Our Story


  • Inspiring people to live an active life and celebrate their abilities.
  • Dedicated to a community of health and wellness.
  • Our joint mission is “keeping people active as a search for a cure progresses”, and is demonstrated via events such as athletic competitions, education and awareness curriculums, and quality of life enrichment programs.


MSforward is a prescription of exercise for all chronic illnesses, elderly, and underserved populations providing the continued benefits proven in each medical study MSforward has conducted.  MSforward video

Fast Forward, LLC. opened its doors in Omaha, Nebraska, in August, 2001 to provide sports conditioning to the growing population of young athletes that engage in the ever increasing demand for youth sports. One month after opening the gym, Fast Forward’s owner and founder, Daryl Kucera, experienced the first symptom of what turned out to be a life altering diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Multiple Sclerosis is a disease impacting the nerves in the brain and spinal cord, affecting over 400,000 Americans. Symptoms may include numbness, muscle weakness, balance, difficulty walking, and cognitive issues. Unfortunately, at this time there is no cure.

The uncertainty surrounding the diagnosis and the desire to remain active motivated Daryl and his team to alter Fast Forward’s mission. In May, 2003, with the assistance of Mary Filipi PhD, Ph.D., APRN, family, and the prayerful support of many, Fast Forward began providing supervised fitness programs dedicated to keeping adults with MS active. Since that time, nearing 500 adults with MS have participated in regular specialized fitness workouts at the Fast Forward gym.

MSforward, a not-for-profit extension of Fast Forward, LLC., was formed in March 2010 to focus, specifically, on those members with MS. MSforward has refined the supervised fitness programs to incorporate the gym’s adaptive exercise equipment with innovative exercises.

Additionally, MSforward has evolved into a facility and program that extends beyond exercise. It is a community of possibilities and abilities. MSforward now serves as a resource for wellness, education, and social support for individuals with multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.

MSforward Tele-Fitness is the online streaming video service of MSforward utilizing technology to allow web access to MSforward’s structured fitness programs, educational seminars, special events, and selected monthly meetings to home-bound clients or rural communities when direct gym access is not available.

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