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MSforward Tele-Fitness is the online streaming video service of MSforward utilizing technology to allow web access to MSforward’s structured fitness programs, educational seminars, special events, and selected monthly meetings to home-bound clients or rural communities when direct gym access is not available.

MSforward Tele-Fitness is a prescription of exercise for adults diagnosed with a chronic illness, elderly, underserved, or anyone who find leaving their home difficult or impossible.  Our programs benefit more than the physical….the emotional, mental, psychological, and social, as well.  This has been proven by us and other medical institutions through multiple medical studies.

Many recent publications talk about the correlations between MS and Exercise.  MSforward has successfully completed 3 studies, with 1 winning the 2010 Robert M. Herndon Award.  Check out Our Studies page for detailed information and see why Daryl’s mission – Let’s Tell The World – is his passion to help those who are homebound or gym-challenged by utilizing live and video broadcasting.

MSforward is the nation’s only medically recognized exercise program for adults diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and the recipient of the 2010 Robert M. Herndon Award for outstanding article in the International Journal of MS care, “Impact of Resistance Training on Balance and Gait in Multiple Sclerosis” at the International Consortium of MS Centers (CMSC).