Our Studies

MSforward is a prescription of exercise for all chronic illnesses, elderly, and underserved populations providing the continued benefits proven in each medical study mentioned below. 

Study #1 – “Positive Impact of Weight Resistance Training in MS Patients Despite Varied Disability Levels”

  • Objective:  to monitor strength curve in MS patients vs. General public data
  • Studied the “Effectiveness of a strength program on adults diagnosed with  Multiple Sclerosis”
  • Completed in 2006 with 67 participants over a six-month period
  • Partnership with UNMC (University of Nebraska Medical Center)
  • Study published in International Journal of MS Care (Summer, 2007)


Study #2 – “Exercise and MS”

  • Objective:  to evaluate the emotional and Psychological benefits of exercise in MS patients
  • Studied the “Effectiveness of physical exercise on depression and other mental conditions in those diagnosed with MS”
  • Completed in 2008 with 43 participants.  Results were significant.
  • Partnership with Washington University in St. Louis, MO

STUDY #2:  Augustine,Larsen,Kucera8-23-08

Study #3 – “Impact of Exercise on Improving Gait and Balance”

  • Objective:  to evaluate the impact of a strength, cardio, and balance program on gait
  • Studied the “Impact of a Resistance Program on Gait”
  • Completed in 2009 with 63 participants over six months
  • Partnership with UNMC and University of Nebraska – Omaha Biomechanics Lab
  • June 4, 2011, at the International Consortium of MS Centers (CMSC), Mary Filipi, ARNP, Ph.D. and first author, was awarded the Robert M. Herndon Award for the 2010 Outstanding Article in the International Journal of MS Care titled “Impact of Resistance Training on Balance and Gait in Multiple Sclerosis”.  Mary said, “While I may have been presented the award, it could not have been done without each one of you.  Thank you very much for your contribution and congratulations!!”

STUDY #3:  FilipiPoster

Data on any study is available by contacting MSForward/Fast Forward at 402-330-6292.