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A heartfelt letter from Daryl:

Hello my Friend! 
WOW!  Did 2017 just evaporate, fly by, or disappear for you?  It did for us, all because of the wonderful generosity, kindness and collaboration of dear friends such as you!  Please know that we are genuinely grateful for your part in all the successes we realized in 2017 along with those that we are building this year!

Remember last year’s “Imagine if you will?”?  Well, Lean in my friend, because something wonderful continues to happen every day at MSforward, but only because of benefactors LIKE YOU!  Your kindness allows MSforward to find joy in our journey through assisting as many people as possible, regardless of their physical location or financial situation.   We have so much exciting news to share about this past year and current day.  Please know, and I mean this sincerely, our Joy of this ongoing Journey is nothing without you!  PLEASE READ ON!!

Achievements 2017-current day:
Provided more dates and times to our Tele-Fitness classes via live internet access reaching coast to coast locations from California to Ohio and many places in between!

Timely topics/classes held in gym and via live internet access:  Speech therapy, meditation, modified self-defense, support groups and chronic illness medical education courses.


We are pleased to share that we are promoting a partnership with homebound individuals to become HOPEbound.  These inspirational members of our community are bringing knowledge, determination, fresh ideas and openness about their daily lives. In doing this they hope to pave a way to improve the lives of all populations battling chronic illness. 

This partnership formed an Multiple sclerosis day program at MSforward – Our program, currently funded for only 6 people, 6 months through a one-time grant provides: transportation, socialization, exercise, education and the ability to have a positive impact for change in their daily life challenges through advocacy.  In just five short weeks we have seen enough positive results to know that we MUST continue this program beyond six months and for more than these six wonderful people!  We must keep driving to change homebound to HOPEbound. 

Think about it my friend, can you imagine not getting out of your house because you can no longer drive, have no adaptive public transportation (for your assistive devices/physical needs), no family or budget limitations to take you somewhere to interact with people with or without your same challenges?  Or to go out into your community and enjoy simple things rather than JUST doctor visits?  These are just the minimum daily challenges the six people in our program face every day.  One person stayed in their home for three months without outside human contact!  This type of daily existence has to STOP.  We must continue our multiple sclerosis day program!  To serve more, we need funding…..can you help?  And may I ask you a HUGE favor in please spreading the word to any/all of your friends and family so that more people may experience the joy in the journey by helping others?   Remember 100% of your donation is tax deductible and goes back into MSforward’s community!  And please know that you are more than welcome to come visit us to see firsthand what your donations mean to our joyful journey!

We continue to champion a mission dedicated to help every life we touch in a truly positive way.  “Omaha Gives 2018” is the 24 hour online day-of-giving on Wednesday, May 23, 2017, for Omaha, NE non-profits…but you do NOT have to wait until that day, you may gift now and it will process on May 23rd!!  Simply go to:  https://www.omahagives.org/nonprofits?keyword=msforward and click on “give” and follow the prompts.

THANK YOU again for what you have done and continue to do to help everyone benefitting from our programs.  To see testimonials and so much more go to www.msforward.org or just give me a call. I would so love to catch up with you, my friend (402) 630-1757.


MSforward is the nation’s ONLY medically-recognized structured exercise program dedicated to keeping adults diagnosed with a chronic illness and the elderly on a path to a lifelong wellness.  The gym has evolved into a community that’s more like a family.

MSforward has been privileged to partner and host with multiple medical organizations to complete three (3) published health-related studies showing the benefits of exercise.  Benefits that extend far beyond the physical!  Please visit Our Studies section for more details.

With advances in technology, MSforward gym now has the ability to provide live interactive exercise programs via the internet.  We can now offer real-time resources for health, educational, and inspirational seminars targeting the MS and specialty populations and the elderly who are home bound to connect and correspond with each other.  Your generosity will allow us to advance our technical environment and offer scholarships to this underserved population.  TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THEM!

Celebrating 15 years of our exercise accomplishments:

  • 61,500+ number of attendees with MS, Parkinson’s, and the elderly participating in programs since we began in 2003.
  • 20,550+ number of structured exercise programs offered since beginning in 2003.

Exercise, once thought as counter to the treatment of multiple sclerosis, has proven a vastly effective therapy to combat the potentially damaging effects of the disease.


  1. “Participants at the gym DO NOT give into this disease.”
    – Dr. Rana K. Zabad, MD – Director, Multiple Sclerosis Program; Assistant Professor at Nebraska Medicine/UNMC
  2. “Strength conditioning and balance issues play a large part in maintaining or reclaiming function for individuals with multiple sclerosis.  This is sdone in a great atmosphere with certified trainers who are aware of the special needs of the individual with MS.”
    – Mary Filipi, ARNP, PhD
  3. “Daryl and his MSforward gym provide a wonderful place for all to build strength, endurance, and lifelong relationships in a positive community of care and support.”
    – Kent J.  MS Diagnosed in 2010; Participating since 2010
  4. “The workouts are fun & inspire me to always do what I can with what I have, but never being judged or criticized by anyone.  I have gone from attending two times a week to trying to go as often as I can.  My physicality has improved, along with my attitude, thanks to Daryl Kucera and MSforward.”
    – Pat A., MS Diagnosed in 2010; Participating since 2010